Keep Grinding

Unrecommended YouTube Channels

YouTube is naturally infested with trash, though these are the channels you should especially stay away from.

Most receipts are not directly linked in order to skirt around monetization.

Cybershell plagiarises from web pages, preys on mentally ill people, and gladly accepts funding from other predators.


Watch the following instead: J's Reviews, Retro Core

dabhdude substitutes sensory abuse and unsupported accusations for actual criticism.


Watch the following instead: basically any commentary channel run by someone with an inkling of professionalism

DaftPina/Dovendraw criticizes artists for scummy behavior, but has supported abusers and slandered the subjects of at least a few of its videos.


Watch the following instead: A Dose of Buckley, Roger van der Weide

Eddy Burback is a cringelord that brags about irresponsible purchases.


Watch the following instead: A Dose of Buckley, Red Cow Entertainment

LS Mark/Midnight Mark/Splash Dash defames creators it dislikes. It also creates YouTube's equivalents of asset flips.

Proof (there's a lot, so hang in there):

Watch the following instead: dvdreviewsstudios, Jordan Fringe; even TheMysteriousMrEnter is way better than Mark will ever be.

Meeting Halfway is a mutually abusive relationship's poor attempt at a talk show.

Proof: every "video"

Watch the following instead: J's Reviews, Red Cow Arcade

penguinz0 has no writing, editing, or research skills, yet it tries to make commentaries daily.

Proof: If I listed every shred, we would be here for an hour!

Watch the following instead: A Dose of Buckley, GradeAUnderA

RebelTaxi has enough errors to fill an entire web page. If that does not deter you, the narrator's disrespectful demeanor might.

Watch the following instead: Jordan Fringe, Retro Core

SmallAnt misses the points of children's games and gets upset over any criticism. It also manipulates other creators.


Watch the following instead: Demeech, Summoning Salt

Some Ordinary Podcast is a showcase of YouTube's worst creators and how much of a hypocrite Mutahar Anas is.

Proof: every "video"

Listen to the following instead: The Game Display, Red Cow Arcade

(even Who Are These Podcasts? is better, despite Karl Hypocrite being the definition of autistic manchild)

UltimateDSfan/UltimateHellscape has no consideration for quality and prefers to whine on Twitter instead of improve itself.

Proof: The Fall of UltimateDSfan: From Inspiration to Abuser

Watch the following instead: GoldConnor, Reecee; heck, even EB the Original Master is better than a waste of resources like UDSF.

Vinesauce and its subchannels are run by incompetent Twitch streamers. If you seriously think they aren't trash, sample an uncut broadcast and try not to yell at the host.

Watch the following instead: The Game Display, hololive