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The Fall of UltimateDSfan: From Inspiration to Abuser

WARNING: This document is about a transtrender who is predatory, fetishistic, inconsistent, and wasteful. Do not interact with the subject, because doing so is counterproductive.


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Here is a list of reasons to condemn Eris "UltimateDSfan" Ray.

Observe Eristory. Don't make Eristory.


Would you keep loving a childhood hero after they became a scumbag? Eris "UltimateDSfan" Ray, previously known as Eric "UltimateDSman" Ray, is a fallen idol that I regret idolizing for several reasons. Here is a list of over forty times it messed up in 2022.

Transwashing and Ephebozoophilia

Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Unleashed, and even Sonic Colors have discouraged dishonesty. Sega Hardlight also implied Sonic would want someone to choose their gender for themself. However, Eris likes to lie about characters' genders.

February 22nd #1: Eris retweeted bigoted fetish drawings of Sonic, who is canonically under 18. If you thought those were disgusting, it got grosser from here.

February 22nd #2: it made a copyright-infringing video congratulating Sonic for "coming out." Ironically, the footage was taken from Sonic Adventure 2, in which the conflict was caused by lying.

February 24th: its favorite Sonic Generations modification was revealed to be sexualizing Modern Sonic.

March 9th: Eris projected its transgender transformation/forced feminization fetish onto Sonic again, but this time, it stated the fetishized Sonic looked prettier than humans. Sound the creep alarm!

April 6th: it retweeted another bigoted drawing that the artist confessed to being fueled by unresourcefulness and zoophilia.

August 4th: Eris modified Sonic 3 AIR to turn Sonic into a girl that wore revealing clothes. It didn't leave poor Tails alone, either!

Considering these sources, Eris is not even an authentic Sonic fan, no matter how often it insists the opposite.

Rudeness, Whininess, and Hypocrisy

Sonic Adventure discourages abuse and Sonic Heroes encourages co-operation despite personal differences, two messages Eris frequently ignores.

March 1st: Eris tried to start fights with Super Mario fans, despite it being the creator of a Mario plush series. Maybe it was butthurt about Luigi being cuter than it.

March 9th: Eris complained about being misgendered. Considering the receipts in the previous section, this is contradictory.

March 27th: Eris attacked Keemstar for his race and gender rather than his vagueness. The most ironic part of this is Eris also being Caucasian and eventually using a white avatar. More irony came from its then-current avatar being Celeste's Madeline, whose creator would not have approved of her character being used for discrimination.

March 31st: it complained about anti-transgender responses to its tweets. Again, the previous section shows it was not one to complain.

April 16th: it whined about frequent working. Demeech also had a job, yet he produced better videos more frequently than Eris.

May 7th: Eris attempted to troll a Sonic hater. After more than a decade of getting bullied, it should have learned that emotional abuse won't convince skeptics to reconsider their thoughts.

July 5th: Eris wished to have one good day. It would have if it had not tried to ruin other people's days.

July 13th #1: Eris threatened to block people who would harass it about its gender, even though its name is sire spelled backwards.

July 13th #2: it claimed it would not tolerate anti-transgenderism anymore, yet a couple more receipts invalidate this.

July 14th: Eris demanded entry into others' houses and showed a middle finger instead of changing into cooler clothes, all because of "hot goth trans girl summer". The photo's best part was it looking like a man in a skirt.

July 20th: Eris contradicted itself about self-hatred and threatened to join the 41%. It should've hated itself for being a whiny a**hole.

July 28th: Eris harassed its contacts, therefore proving it does not understand social cues. No wonder someone called it an alien.

August 6th: Eris instructed others not to call it a man, yet still pretended Sonic was a girl. It really should be sent back to an asylum.

August 21st: Eris retweeted an image that claimed cisgender men were inferior for not being gender-nonconforming enough...while it still listed several cisgender men as its friends. I'm sure Toki Wartooth and Cure Infini would love to hear about that! Sarcasm aside, this really shows how ungrateful Eris is for its inner circle.

November 20th #1: Eris wanted to disappear in public, despite continuing its online prescence and wanting pity...even though it had access to a therapist and a hotline.

Here are the links that make this section ironic: while Eris was named Eric, he wanted people to respect each other, and he hated drama.

Financial Irresponsibility

For an alleged American college student, Eris seems to have no idea how to use money carefully.

January 25th: it bought the N64 expansion for Nintendo Switch Online, even though it could have emulated the Nintendo 64 on its phone.

March 27th: it purchased a new phone when it could have performed a factory reset and changed its number.

June 6th: it admitted to its irresponsibility crippling it. You would think it would know better by then, though...

July 9th: it bought a transgender flag when it already had two on its Twitter feed's profile.

August 15th: Eris bragged about two frivolous purchases similarly to Nikocunto Avocadope. Keep in mind it is the same turd who b**ches about how terrible its life is.

November 14th: Eris proved it donated to a plagiarist that preyed on mentally ill people. This showed that its fundraiser was only for brownie points.

November 18th: it pulled a Chris Chan-worthy move when it obtained three versions of Sonic Frontiers.

November 20th #2: When Eris thought about harming itself again, it spent a pile of money on a PS5 instead of counseling. It proceeded to emotionally abuse its followers. How do you fail this hard at life?

November 26th: Eris begged its victims for donations. It stated it will waste the money on terrible videos, an excessive amount of Sonic merchandise, and fast food, then claimed it needs it all to live. If you can't earn money without being a sh**head, you deserve to starve.

A few more frivolous spending-themed tweets have been deleted, though Eris having wasted at least $2,000 is a safe assumption to make. Those could have afforded at least thirteen therapy sessions, yet as far as I know, it only attended one!

Other Assorted Lunacy

These are moments that I thought were worth mentioning or ridiculing, yet they didn't exactly fit into the other sections.

March 26th: its main channel was hijacked. I guess humiliating itself on Twitter was more important to it than basic cybersecurity.

June 1st: Eris added fundraiser support to two of its infringing videos, implying someone was making money from its carelessness. Additionally, the fundraiser was for an organization Eris did not even support the mission of. The target was called The National Center for Transgender Equality, not The National Center for Transgender Superiority.

July 3rd: Eris threw a tantrum over the return of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. I can only wonder how it will react to realizing how much of a trainwreck it is.

July 20th: Eris admitted to attending therapy infrequently. This explains why it is so awful.

August 11th: it posted a video about freaking fruit snacks. Of course they're good; I can't taste the difference between one brand's flavors and another's!

August 17th: Eris admitted to being proud of its villiany.

August 21st: Eris called itself a "trans bitch" for loving girly pop songs. I assume TiK ToK's line "brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack's" explains why its avatar almost never has teeth.

October 23rd: it broke up with its girlfriend after merely two months. Guess why.

November 24th: it laughed off getting fired for poor attendance.

You would think after nearly twenty-five years, Eris would learn how to behave well, but here it still is.


For those who want Eris to be legally punished, it already has a life sentence. Who would want to hire it or work with it? It keeps jumping from wrangler to wrangler because it will not spend money wisely. Its ephebophilia ensures it will be stuck on watchlists forever. Because it will not talk to its therapist or call a hotline, it has condemned itself to a horrible life, along with losing fans to better creators.

After its mental health reaches rock bottom, Eris will kill itself. This is the fate it has chosen. It can not turn back anymore.


Eris Ray is a bigoted, disgusting, abrasive, hypocritical, irresponsible, and ungrateful waste of resources. It will continue to be as long as it neglects its health. No matter how many bridges it burns, it refuses to learn from its atrocities. At least there is an important lesson to learn: practice what you preach.

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