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Update Log

12/06: changed YouTube links to Invidious ones. Fixed a few formatting errors in the Comic Corner. The tilde server went down for a bit, so I am looking for a place to mirror my site.

11/27: I accidentally made a work-in-progress page available too soon, so I hid it. Fixed an error in the linkroll. Herded a couple of cows into the Lolcow Pen. The Scrapbook's trope page might return.

11/20: Finally...I touched up a bunch of pages in time for the site's first anniversary. Hopefully, I can create a few new pages soon because I've been plowing through my backlogs.

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How to Stay Sane When Wired

Visit some place!

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Small Ants Are Easy to Crush

"Challenge YouTubers" are dumb.

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The Linkroll

A few new ones have been added.

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The Lolcow Pen

You know what's BS? YouTube.