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About This Site

My name is Seth Bar, and I run this website to blab about system administration, machine emulation, obscure media, underexposed lolcows, and perhaps more to come.

This website's former name is Still Grinding, which was linked to stillgrinding.i2p. Not only did I not know the name was already taken, but I also forgot to back up my I2P configuration. D'oh!

If you have a suggestion or question, send it to

Anticipated questions

Can you update your pages or post comics more frequently?

I'll try to. I've been struggling with PTSD and infuriation. Also, my touch-compatible monitor is falling apart.

What does [insert word here] mean?

Read the glossary.

Why haven't you criticized [insert creator here] yet?

This is probably because I do not have enough proof to use against them.

Do you plan to create another page similar to "The Fall of UDSF?"

I don't plan to create a sequel to "The Fall of UDSF" because it would just consist of Eris repeating the same shenanigains as the first page and me cloning the same criticisms and jokes. However, several times while I was browsing YouTube, two names that appeared were Cybershell and SmallAnt. I want to state the following in advance: damn Cybershell and SmallAnt. They are even worse than Eris, and if YouTube's algorithm recommends any more videos showing their abusive behavior, they will be next to have documents like Eris's.