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About This Site

My name is Seth Bar, and I run this website to blab about system administration, machine emulation, obscure media, underexposed lolcows, and perhaps more to come.

This website's former name is Still Grinding, which was linked to stillgrinding.i2p. Not only did I not know the name was already taken, but I also forgot to back up my I2P configuration. D'oh!

If you have a suggestion or question, send it to

Anticipated questions

Can you update your docs or post comics more frequently?

I'll try to. My morning job is physically demanding, so I usually spend the afternoon and evening in bed.

What does [insert word here] mean?

Read the glossary.

Why haven't you pwned [insert creator here] yet?

Probably because I have not heard of them or I do not have enough dirt to use against them.