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Micro Rants

April Fools Jokes

"TWiLight Menu++" was so unstable when I originally tried it, probably because the devs wasted time making a nonsensical startup screen instead of improving their program. You can insert a joke for April 1st, but the core project should take top priority.

Bit.Trip Flux Sucks

Flux is a dumpster in the otherwise great Bit.Trip series. The cutscenes look poor, and the gameplay ranges from boring to infuriating. Despite the Commander being presumed dead, the background's words form "There is no death." Additionally, he still appears in Bit.Trip Complete's menus and further games. CommanderVideo never died. Try Bit.Trip Runner3 for a better series finale.

Brain Age: Concentration Training Made My Brain Hurt

I liked the Brain Age Express trilogy, so I thought I would enjoy Concentration Training. I was wrong. Devilish Training was more headache-inducing than stimulating, Block Head felt like trial and error, and the unlock conditions were tedious. Even the series's first game was preferable.

Economic Inequality

Why are celebutantes paid so much while valuable workers are paid so little? .

Overuse of JavaScript

Web designers need to stop using JavaScript just to display core text and images. HTML already does that well and faster, so save scripts for forms.

Self-Imposed Challenges Are Stupid

If a game is so easy for you that you have to improvise difficulty, you should just play a harder game. Don't humiliate yourself.


Slurs are lazy ad hominem attacks. Just laugh at them.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4's Wasted Potential

If Sonic Adventure had a proper prequel, the latter could answer many questions that the former raises. How did Sonic learn the homing attack? How did Tails obtain a Chaos Emerald for the Tornado? If Knuckles is the last of his kind, how did he learn to speak and fight? What qualifies the twelve-year-old Amy for independent living? How did Big meet Froggy/Kaeru-kun? What motivated Eggman to build the Egg Carriers? There was so much potential that was wasted by limiting Sonic 4's major characters to Sonic, Tails, and Eggman.

Sensory Abuse

Raising stupid sh**'s volume, exposure, or saturation does not automatically make it funny. Please stop.

Transwashing Is Trashy

If you want cisgender people to respect transgenderism, don't pretend cis characters are trans. It just makes you look as stupid as the bigots you hate, especially when the series has characters with the same gender you're projecting onto ones who are okay with themselves. Also, Lady Lunanova and RosieRoberta are retarded perverts and I would not have sex with them.

Where Is Our Respect?

Regardless of how many wonderfully talented people make themselves known, dumbsh**s and criminals almost always receive more exposure and income. How many f***ups can one group have before it starts losing too much money?