Keep Grinding

Recommended YouTube Channels

YouTube can be a surprisingly good resource if you follow the right channels. Here are the good ones I found under the trash heaps.

A Dose of Buckley provides commentaries on pop songs, questionable celebrities, and political issues. Even though black comedy is present, it typically involves deserving victims.

Favorite videos:

Good alternative to: Luke Smith, penguinz0

Demeech reviews Nintendo games and emulation hardware.

Favorite videos:

Good alternative to: Scott the Woz, UltimateDSfan

The Game Display showcases retro gaming methods, fan-made translations, and game livestreams.

Favorite videos:

Good alternative to: FrameRater, Game Sack

GradeAUnderA is probably my favorite channel ever. Without Grade, this site probably would not have been created.

Favorite videos:

Good alternative to: I Hate Everything, Sr Pelo

Red Cow Arcade is a pop culture podcast run by an independent film studio.

Good alternative to: Some Ordinary Podcast, Trash Taste

The TwoChoo Twins analyze games hilariously.

Good alternative to: LS Mark, Scott the Woz