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Tropes in general

The Alcoholic: Seth has admitted to typing while drunk.

An Aesop:

Author Appeal: system administration and weird games. He also really seems to love A Dose of Buckley; many rants feature redirects to Buckley's videos.

Berserk Button: Hypocrisy and abuse are one-way trips to Seth roasting someone.

Caustic Critic: Seth is occasionally one.

Channel Hop: The site was self-hosted on I2P before Seth migrated it to a tilde server on the clear web.

Unlucky Everydude: Seth.

Tropes in "Life Is Funny"

All There In the Script: According to the Alt Text of "Small Ants Are Easy to Crush", the detractors are named Felicia and Pippi.

Brother-Sister Incest: parodied in "Cantapoop."

Does Not Like Men: the titular hypocrite in "Feminazi."

Hypocrite: the titular characters of "Careless Eris" and "Feminazi."

Boom Knuckles: "You're just as bad as the bigots you hate!"

Noodle People: The only exception is Sonic Boom's Knuckles.

Punny Name: "Bruno Farts" and "Cantapoop"

Reality Ensues: PearlTrans gets imprisoned for aggravated assault.

Schedule Slip: occurs often.

Self-Imposed Challenge: parodied in "Small Ants Are Easy to Crush."

Shout-Out: SmallAnt's suicide attempt resembles the time out screen in the first Leisure Suit Larry.

Suicide As Comedy: "Small Ants Are Easy to Crush"

Take That!: The strips are centered around jabs.

Your Cheating Heart: also parodied in "Cantapoop."

Tropes in the Rants section and its sources

Bad People Abuse Animals: Cybershell and SmallAnt engage in digital zoosadism.

Can't Take Criticism: many cows' biggest flaw.

Clueless Aesop: what Seth sees as the primary problem with penguinz0/Cr1tikal.

Double Standard: Several commentators/"DramaTubers" have at least one.

Evil Makes You Ugly: Targets typically use unappealing avatars. Their real selves also won't be winning beauty pageants anytime soon.

Fat Bastard: Joshua Moon and LS Mark, apparently.

GIFT: Targets are generally not known for their manners.

Hypocrite: Many targets contradict themselves. Karl Hamburger was even nicknamed "Karl Hypocrite."

Misaimed Fandom

Small Name, Big Ego

Sore Loser: A few cows can't handle being wrong.

Tropes in "The Fall of UltimateDSfan" and its sources

Bad Liar: Eris.

Boomerang Bigot: Eris is racist towards whites, despite also being white.

Card-Carrying Villian: Eris stated that a chaotic goddess's name is perfect for it.

"Could Have Avoided This" Plot: Seth implies Eris would not have hurt anyone if it attended therapy more often.

Department of Redundancy Department: Eris has a habit of repeating itself.

Downer Ending: Because Eris refuses to seek counseling, Seth predicts its mental health will continue to deteriorate until it commits suicide.

Dramatically Missing the Point:

Dummied Out: A few more links are visible in the page's HTML code.

Ephebophile: Eris is this towards Sonic the Hedgehog.

Evil Makes You Ugly: Eris's avatar wears a dog collar and tacky accessories. It is almost always drawn without teeth.

Face-Heel Turn: the "transformation" from Eric to Eris.

Fallen Creator: Eric was a funny and seemingly caring guy before he became Eris.

Hypocrite: Seth mocks Eris for being this.

Informed Attribute: Eris describes itself as a "hot goth trans girl", but it looks masculine and has emo traits: whiny, angsty, and narcissistic.

Jerkass: Eris insults people it disagrees with and abuses its followers.

Laser-Guided Karma

Narcissist: Eris, to the point of attacking almost everyone it comes across.

Nice Guy: Eric was usually this. Eris, on the other hand...

Non-Indicative Name: Two of Eris's screen names are UltimateDSfan and UltimateDSEris, yet it does not discuss DS games.

Perpetual Poverty: what Eris condemned itself to.

Shotacon: Eris is implied to be this towards Miles "Tails" Prower.

Shout-Out: The summary contains a spin on CWCki's slogan, though with Eris mentioned instead.

Seth: Observe Eristory. Don't make Eristory.

Small Name, Big Ego: Eris on occasion.

Squick: "Trans [Fem] Sonic"

Stylistic Suck: Eris's avatar has stereotypical SJW hair and almost always lacks teeth. It is also poorly imposed onto footage.

Seth, in the reflection for "Careless Eris": "The [...] editing looks worse than the videos I made when I was twelve, the same age when I was using Windows Movie Maker and iMovie to edit."

Too Dumb to Live: There was an instance of Eris considering self-harm, yet it bought a PlayStation 5 and emotionally abused its followers instead of talking to a professional.

Wall Banger: The page describes many from the titular YouTuber's Twitter feed.

Wangst: Eris is prone to this.