Keep Grinding

My Favorite Games



Stop Bill from infecting systems with Wingdows!


Wolfenstein 3D

Tired of reading about World War II? Then shoot those dirty Nazis!


Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey

Not only do you have to fight Bowser, you also have to control him!

Made In Wario Gorgeous/WarioWare Gold

Hundreds of microgames, plenty of bonuses, and a card game?! What a deal!

Tetris Axis

The Tetris to have. It has many variations on the standard formula, such as making pictures, building stairs, bombing hordes of blocks, and even augmented reality.

Atari VCS/2600

Dig Dug

Stretch the enemies before they stretch you!


Shoot ships to stay afloat! It's simple, but fun!

Famicom and NES

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa

It won't go easy on you just because it stars a baby!

Mighty Bomb Jack

An archaeological adventure is even cooler with a superhero! Jack can stop and slow his jumps to reach more treasure, but watch out for the torture room!

What would he need all of those bombs for, though? Is he planning to destroy unlicensed cartridges?


Even 8-bit systems can handle frantic shooting games!


Four Second Fury

It's WarioWare for Newgrounds!

Time Fcuk

A miserable man experiences a journey to face his fears. The gameplay is similar to Eversion, but with silly text-to-speech dialogue sprinkled in. Also, it's set after The Binding of Issac and The End Is Nigh!

Game Boy Advance

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Foil Donkey Kong's traps to save...a toy company. The Japanese version has more bonus levels than the international version.

Mawaru Made in Wario/WarioWare: Twisted!

Who said portable consoles shouldn't have motion controls?

Game Boy Color

Beatmania GB 2

Now you can simulate a DJ wherever you're allowed to! This entry has exclusive songs and animations.

Game & Watch Gallery 3

If you liked Nintendo's LCD games, you'll definitely enjoy this minigame collection. It contains both recreated and updated versions of previously standalone games, plus bonus features.

Pocket Puyo Puyo Sun

Pop Puyos to flood your opponent's field. The Sun Puyos will give you a boost if you're falling behind! Just don't think about tanning.


Free Electoons, fight uggos, and defeat Mr. Dark! This version is fairer and more replayable than the console, GBA, and DSiWare versions.

Wario Land 2

After Super Mario Land 3's best ending, pirates wrecked Wario's house, so help him snatch his treasure back! Don't let him get dizzy or drunk, by the way.



"What the hell's going on? Can someone tell me, please...why I'm changing faster than the channels on TV? I'm black, then I'm white! No, something isn't right!" -from ECHO by Crusher-P

Rayman 3

The funniest game ever!

Wario World

Wario's castle is destroyed, but if he gathers enough treasure, he will pay monsters to rebuild it! Play the Japanese version for the best experience.

Genesis and Mega Drive (Happy 35th Anniversary!)

Decap Attack

You can save the spooky land even if you don't have a proper head!

Shining in the Darkness

This is how a dungeon crawler should be.

Sonic 3 Complete

If you can't get Sonic 3 A.I.R. to work, this is the next best option.

Nintendo DS

Big Brain Academy

Think of Brain Age, but it's actually good.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Welcome to a crazy crossover in which you play sports to save the Olympics from Bowser and Eggman!

Osu! Tatakae! O-endan 2

Bring peace to rapidly tapping!

Tetris Party Deluxe

If you can't get the most out of Tetris Axis, this is a great alternative.


Pinball Pinball 2

Pinball can be cute, too!

Touhou Kaikidan - Mystic Square

Let's go to hell!

PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16

Devil's Crush

Fight demons with your ultimate weapons: pinballs!

Military Madness

Who knew a strategy game could be so addicting?

PC Engine CD

God Panic

Can you defeat the craziest enemies ever?

Lords of Thunder

Shoot and slay mooks to grow stronger than evil lords! Just don't get distracted by the awesome soundtrack.

Mugen Senshi Valis

Monsters have invaded the city! Halt their destruction! If you like Ghosts 'n Goblins, you'll enjoy this game.

Puyo Puyo CD

Flood your opponent's field before they flood yours! This port has voice acting not in the other versions.

PlayStation 2


Save yourself with magic and genderfluidity!

Puyo Puyo Fever Chuu

Explore a weird magical land from the perspectives of three students. There are portable versions for the PSP and the DS, though they're not translated.

PlayStation 3

NiGHTS Into Dreams

Combine your power with a dream land's creature to save yourself and the town!

Rayman 3 HD

It's the funniest game ever, but with less bonus features.

PlayStation 4

Doom 2016

The greatest game ever! Smash demons! Destroy cores! Smash more demons! Jam to death metal! YEAH!!

The Last of Us Remastered

The world went crazy for real this time!


Beatmania 'European Edit'

It's a DJ simulator with European house music!


Shoot everything that stands in your way! Try the Tate Mode; it looks great on a PSP!



Jersey Devil

Move over, Spooky Month. This game is made of Halloween!

PS Vita

DJMax Technika Tune

Tap and swipe the screen to the beats of techno songs! This is basically the Korean equivalent of Osu! Tatakae! O-endan!

Super Robot Wars 1 HD Remake

Gilgalgun is attacking the world, so fight back with your Gundams, Mazingers, and Robos!

RPG Maker

Witch's Heart

Dreamy music, great characters, simple combat...what more could you ask for?


Digital Pinball: Necronomicon

The pinball simulator.


Two games mean twice the fun!

Super Cassette Vision

Comic Circus

Keep the show going!


If Scramble wasn't hard enough, here you go!

SNES/Super Famicom

Jaki Crush

Fight Japanese monsters with your ultimate weapons: pinballs!

Super Game Boy 2

Avenging Spirit

Even death won't stop a boy if he's determined enough. He even possesses enemies to beat up other enemies.

Donkey Kong

More traps stand in the way to Pauline!


Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain

It's much more fun than it sounds, and it helps immensely when fury rots your brain.

Sonic Frontiers

What? An awesome 3D Sonic game?

Super Meat Boy Forever

Don't be fooled by the immensely cute characters; this game packs a lot of punches...and kicks!


Bit.Trip Complete

All of the main series and a bonus cavalcade are crammed onto one disc. Beat is mostly one-sided Pong, Core is a shooting game, Void is a collect-a-thon with hilarious cutscenes, Runner is a fast-paced platformer, Fate is an intense rail shooter, and Flux is trash incarnate.

Odoru Made In Wario/WarioWare: Smooth Moves

Exercise really can be hilarious!

Sonic Unleashed/Sonic World Adventure

Stop Dark Gaia's excessive trolling from tearing the world apart! Oh, wait...

Wii U

Bit.Trip Runner2

Just play it.

Xbox 360

Super Meat Boy

I never thought one of the world's most adorable games would be about monsters fighting each other for eternity. Well played, Edmund and Tommy.

Future Faves?

I haven't extensively played these yet, but I might love them afterwards. Stay tuned!