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Brief Reviews of Comics

Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe (Pre-Super Genesis Wave)

Sonic Legacy Series 2 cover Sonic Universe Volume 1 cover

From the good old stories to the best from Ian Flynn and the hilariously awful Penders & Bollers Era in between, these series have so many unforgettable stories about cute animals and the future Earth. Consult Archie Sonic Online's guide if you are lost.

The trade paperbacks have corrected and enhanced artwork. The ones containing my favorite stories are the following:


From Emily the Strange's publisher comes a hilarious miniseries starring the characters from Metalocalypse. Set during Season 3 of the show, these comics almost feel like storyboards for bonus shorts. The artwork is occasionally weird, though.

[Futari wa] Pretty Cure

Compilation cover A sample of xPearse's scanlation

Pretty Cure's first season has a comic adaptation that is a vast improvement. Sure, it is less colorful, though the chapter intermissions do not spoil nearly an entire arc, unlike one of the cartoon's eyecatches. It also scraps much of the show's filler.

Goodbye, Mr. Despair

Dysfunctional teacher + dysfunctional students + dysfunctional supporting cast = hilarity!


The pacing is slightly slow, though when Hinamizawa Syndrome strikes, you're in for a thrill ride.

Kirby Manga Mania

Get ready for cute hijinks starring Kirby and buddies! If you played the Kirby games and want to know their characters more, you'll love this.

I Feel Sick

After escaping her zany boyfriend in Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Devi has become a bit too dedicated to her painting. Fortunately, her buddy and neighbours are ready to help! This miniseries can hit surprisingly close to home for a work by Jhonen Vasquez.

Lucky Star

Volume 1 cover Volume 3 cover

The schoolgirl comic. It covers typical teen problems such as homework overloads, weird parents, and snarky friends. Don't forget about Akira!

Mega Man Megamix

Forget about the Mega Man games because this rocks even more!

The Ren & Stimpy Show

Issue 10 cover Issue 13 cover

Nick gave Marvel permission to produce comics about Ren and Stimpy's side hustles. The show's silliness is carried over surprisingly well, considering the grim stories the publisher is famous for. Also, I love Mike Kazaleh's art; he makes Ren so cute!

Super Mario-kun/Super Mario Manga Mania

Volume 1's original cover Translated cover for best-of compilation

Basically, Super Mario is combined with Crayon Shin-chan. It's just as zany as it sounds.

The best-of compilation has been localized in English as Super Mario Manga Mania, while early volumes have been localized in French under the name Super Mario Manga Adventures.