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Beatmania Shrine

Celebrating over 25 years of the DJ simulator that spawned Konami's BEMANI franchise

A cabinet's photo I found on DuckDuckGo. Downloaded from an auction website that gives a 404 error

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Some Screenshots

Rubber ducky.Bats flying near a house.Pastel-colored elephants.

Hey, it's Sholl Kee from Pop'n Music!A purple businessman really stretching his neck.A weird pattern.

Beatmania III?!

Another cabinet's photo, this time from

Konami attempted to upgrade the original series by creating a third one. The latter's cabinets have much better audio and graphics, along with pedals. Players can even save their progress with floppy disks!

Which Control Scheme?

A Japanese controller. European controller.

A proper controller is more suitable if your fingers are too big for buttons mapped to a keyboard or keypad. The Japanese PSone games are bundled with controllers similar to the cabinets' ones, while European Edit is bundled with a controller that resembles the on-screen note indicator.

There are plenty of arcade sticks that can replicate the layout if you can't obtain an official controller. DualShock controllers become less comfortable on difficult notecharts. Beatmania IIDX's controllers, such as the one that the North American PS2's Beatmania is bundled with, are only officially supported in 6thMIX + CORE REMIX.

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