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The Worst Clichés on YouTube

I have been watching videos on YouTube since 2010, so I have seen trash too many times. These clichés need to stop before the site becomes even more of a cesspit.

  1. "It's a game that already has a good difficulty curve, but-" or "Can you beat a game with an already good difficulty curve-" SHUT UP AND GET OUT!
  2. sensory abuse. Need I state more?
  3. An avatar wearing a red shirt is equivalent to stating, "I'm a predator; put me on a watchlist."
  4. misleading or vague titles and thumbnails. Why do you expect people to trust you when they can't even trust the title?
  5. rants with footage that is not or barely relevant to the topics. If you don't have any footage that complements your speech, why did you post the rant to a video sharing site?
  6. attacking one creator for certain misdeeds, then defending or supporting another that committed the same ones.
  7. videos that last significantly longer than 2 hours. Not every viewer has the bandwidth or disk space for those! If you are physically incapable of shortening a video, please split it into parts!
  8. clutter, such as discussion about how much the uploader loves a certain e-celeb during a rant about drama. Get to the point, darnit!
  9. begging for views, subscriptions, donations, etc. If you think you don't earn enough money from the web, then get a job in real life; McDonald's is always hiring!
  10. regurgiated facts from a (much more well-written) webpage. If you barely have anything significant to add, why bother making a video about it?
  11. not citing sources of information. I guess some commentators think jokes are more important than their credibility.
  12. Research errors are shortcuts to seeming foolish in front of an audience of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. Don't even make the excuse involving too little time. If you need to release a video soon, don't rush the research. That way, you can spend the time afterward creating fresh videos instead of correcting a boatload of mistakes.