Keep Grinding

Lulz' Most Common Sources

These are the typical symptoms of lolcowdom.

  1. whining about people criticizing it, even though it has attacked others. Extra lulz points if this happened more than once.
  2. blatant dishonesty or hypocrisy.
  3. nonsensical headcanons, such as transwashing/transing, Flanderization, etc. Extra lulz points if the cow emphasizes them.
  4. improper capitalization, spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Extra lulz points for combinations.
  5. begging for donations when the cow already has a truckload of money. Extra lulz points if the cow is prone to frivolous purchases.
  6. not doing research. Search engines are a few of your most valuable tools, so use them.
  7. a series' "fan" ignoring said series' messages (e.g. Don't lie, respect others, spend money wisely, manage your time carefully, etc.).
  8. failure to answer a simple question. Extra lulz points if it happens frequently.
  9. not knowing how to administrate or troubleshoot a computer.
  10. an ugly avatar. Extra lulz points if it replaced a competent one.
  11. blatant discussion of kinks. A specific turn-on is okay as long as you are not hurting anyone, but the web doesn't need to know about yours.
  12. acting like a child when the site is targeted towards adults. Extra lulz points if the cow is a moderator.