Keep Grinding

How to Stay Sane When Wired

  1. Download programs only from the developers' websites and your distribution's official repositories.
  2. Use uBlock Origin and Reader Mode. Information processing is much easier with them.
  3. Avoid everyone who treats others like sh**, even moderators.
  4. If you get an error when accessing a page, look for it on the WayBack Machine or
  5. Access YouTube through Invidious, and disable Related Videos as frequently as possible. This will make focusing on the channels you like easier.
  6. No matter how hard a creator begs, do not donate to them unless you can confirm they will use your money responsibly.
  7. Stupidity and Twitter go hand in hand, so avoid Twitter.
  8. Toxicity and lolcow-centric sites go hand in hand, so tread carefully.
  9. Listen to future funk and vaporwave; they're the audio equivalents of THC.
  10. Do not play games that require an internet connection.
  11. Go outside if the weather is okay!

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