Message By : The Tomato Master aka ZcOm8 aka Lenny
April 6, 2004
Home, sweat home....
7:07 P.M.
Im HOME!!!! OMG!!! Well now im back ill take requests for icons... and i guess im also making pictures for people, cause so many people have asked me to make things for them... Also check this out

Check it! Make a journal and write in it...or make a community and use it as a message board...

(you gotta make an account before you can do it)



Message By : The Tomato Master aka ZcOm8 aka Lenny
March 29, 2004
Airports Suck!
7:00 A.M.
Well this is it...I wont be doing anything for a while cause im leaving in 5 minites to go drive to the airport and then wait another 2 hours in a line, then wait some more for people to search me... So my point is for a week or so i wont upload the site unless i learn some hardcore HTML or find a computer that will speak english (but its japan so there probobly everywhere...right?)

Check it out, Its the most addicting game EVER

(pick up the guys and drop em)



Message By : The Tomato Master aka ZcOm8 aka Lenny
March 27, 2004
Everything has a Begining...Right?
10:48 P.M.
Well I guess this is the beggining of the end...the start of the finish...or maybe just a plain old first message. Well for you people who were waiting for "XbOx-OvErRiDdEn"...its not gonna happen...and for the rest of you voices i hear in my head that have been waiting for that site that you keep telling me to make, this is the momment you've been waiting for. The big kahoona...The Grand Opening... For you sane people who are reading this and trying to figure out what the heck this site is, its a site about a really bored kid who makes things with his computer... I'll make some buddy icons for AIM and MSN, and I'll be continuing this thing that my friends and I created. Its called "Zapped". I'll probobley have some video clips up of our pranks. Or just audio files of phone calls, or just plain old msg's on AIM. For you people who are too cool for that I'll also doing some articles on Xbox Modding, and maybe some reviews on some games. Well so far thats it... Check in later and there will be more stuff up...JUST FOR YOU!
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