March 28, 2004
Halo Modding
9:00 P.M.

To many people who have xbox's, and are reading this, I must tell you that you must have a modchip to do most of these things, and I am not responsible for any damage made to your system, or any other part of your xbox.

Well this part is where I am supose to tell you want to do to make halo twice as fun as it used to be, and make your xbox look really cool, and thats exactly what im gonna do... First of all for you people who dont have a mod-chip yet, and want one, you can get one at this site. www.Xbox-Scene.com (Info, Tutorials, and links to some major sites to buy a mod chip) For now I will only mention what I will have for you people, and Links to places you can go on the meantime, but if you check in later, I'll have some tutorials for you newbs or for people who are just trying to increase their skills at modding.


Halomods - Mostly info on Halo, or Mods that have already been created for you to use.

Xbox Scene - The site that you should check out before you do anything. Dont be stupid and thing that you know what your doing, before you check this site out. W/o XBS I would be no where. So try checking this out before doing anythinhg stupid.

Xbins - Xbins is a guide site made for people looking for files. The real "site" is an mIrc channel and an FTP server where you can download the files.

XBConnect - This is what is called a "tunneling program" It allows you to "system-link" over the internet, but you must have high-speed internet. If you can find people who play modded halo, let me just say its REALLLLLLY fun.

AIM - ZcOm8