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The Profile page is where you can create an identity for yourself.

To create a profile, press the Enter button. You may be prompted for a user name.

To publish and/or view profile, press "Go to profile".

To sign out, use the Exit button.

If you want to use the profile again later, use "Save as file" button. (Technical note: JavaScript is required.)

For privacy, the top menu interface shows no indication of your signed-in status.

Some other pages may reflect signed-in status, such as the Write page.


The Write page allows you to share your writing, favorite quotes and passages, learning materials.

If you are signed in, other options may become available.

Press Send to submit it to the message board.

Your message may not be visible immediately, depending on community preferences.


Topics/Top page displays the currently active discussion topics.

You can start your own by posting a message and tagging approve.


Status page has basic information about forum.

Press Update button to refresh pages with any new material.


Advanced users can go here to see technical details.