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hello from

hello from

here is testing results

a) relativize_urls was off by default, which broke the site, since it is in a subdir.

b) when turned on, relativize_urls did not work for all links

c) for some reason, 404s above my user dir broke my browser, so 404 was fatal. must be more effort to avoid 404s.
idea: crawl site, and automatically disable any links which point to 404 page.

d) don't know how to get access.log yet, so that's unavailable as a submission method.

e) php submission method also not working great. it seems to redirect, but no file is written.

f) can still edit text file, and hopefully this will work.

g) site compiled without any missing dependencies, which is encouraging.


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Software Updated to Version d959bf87..

Software Updated to Version d959bf87..

Installed software version has changed from 0 to d959bf87..

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