Poems by me:

They don't follow any particular pattern. If you like/dislike any of them please feel free to contact me (contact details at the end of this page). And yes, I do cringe at them. Even while writing them.

Waiting for death,
searching for something,
the sun finally sets.  - 11/02/2024

Looking at everyone,
my heart is about to burst.  - 11/02/2024

meaning never arrives.  - 11/02/2024

Searching for a memory,
that he never made,
the student looks up.  - 15/02/2024

Nourished by stories,
yet starved of hope,
I read,
One last time.  - 20/02/2024

Death is but the beginning of a journey unknown to man.  - sometime between 2016 and 2019, probably (definitely not after 2019 though)

Dreaming of unrequited feelings,
I search for,
the one.  - 20/02/2024

Hopeless optimists
Lose their dreams
One by one.  - 24/02/2024

Love is what the lonely man calls his last hope.  - 11/03/2024