Under Construction (cliché, I know)

This website will be a place to show photos of the Peregrine Falcons around my neighborhood. If you're wondering why this site exists, then let me explain: In the past, our city council had discussed building an apartment complex on the plot of land where several pairs of Peregrine Falcons were living. (Granted, affordable housing is a problem in my area of Idaho, although personally I'm skeptical of whether building the complex would contribute to solving that problem) Now, I'm not entirely sure if there are any tilde users in the southern area of Idaho, but I hope that this website can serve to raise awareness for the falcons' habitat. At the very least, this site should provide some pretty pictures in the future.

What I'm working on:

As it turns out, I'm a bit of an idiot. The birds found near my house are most likely Prairie Falcons. Still, I hope that documenting the bird species within the area will assist in their habitat preservation.

Oh, and I also do some programming on the side. It's not really related to this website, but I'd like to clarify the fact that I intend to use this tilde account for more than just a glorified neocities page.

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