Remington Ten Forty, the pan-European

Serial number #HY684632

The back panel says made in Holland, the case is made in Western Germany, and inside the plastic body it says made in Italy. so I guess the mechanism is from Holland, the body from Italy and the case from Germany. A true pan-European machine. Cannot give year because the database does not allow Ten Forty serial numbers to begin with HY. I would guess 1973. A$5 (about US$3.40).

Works all right.

A practical little machine for routine work. Looks reasonably robust, You could do a lot worse.

front top view

Here is a sample of the typeface – nothing exciting, I'm afraid,

character set and
typeface example from the Ten Forty

The case is rather bulky for what is a compact and highly portable machine, rendering it less portable than it might be. Over and out!