Making a little webpage icon

You know those icons you get in the tabs when you view a webpage? They are really easy to do. This is how I did one for my page.

First, I found an image I wanted (from the font discussed here). It was in a PDF I had made some time ago, so I converted the PDF to a raster format, then cut out the bit wanted.

$ pdftoppm -f 1 -l 1 -r 600 mzfntdoc.pdf > icn.ppm
$ pnmcut 2935 2600 138 80 icn.ppm > cut.pnm

Convert to ico and png

$ convert cut.ppm cut.png
$ convert cut.ppm cut.ico

Copy to the filespace on the account.

$ scp cut.png
Add a single line to the index.html -- in the <head> ... </head> field.
	<title>Random pages</title>
	<link rel="icon" href="cut.png">

That's it. Here is the icon:

M Z in blocky text

And here it is in action -- the webpage viewed in Firefox shows the icon in the tab.

The icon appears on the tab in Firefox