Happy New Year - 2023 Predictions

1. People will eventually start to act on the realization that the "meritocracy" is actually just an aristocracy. I for one intend to stop pretending otherwise.

2. The aristocracy is outgrowing its cringe atheist phase and the "successor ideology" will start openly making metaphysical claims.

3. The "dissident right" will end in the realization that it was always just a funhouse mirror version of the emerging class, a testbed for ideas that will be incorporated or banished, and that it is never going to give us a Caesar.

4. Maybe someday, but probably not next year, there will be a monarch. She will not be woke. But she will not NOT be woke.

5. Much as it pains me to say this, EY was right and AI is big deal.


We will learn to fear the blockchain.

"Lis pendens" is Latin for "lawsuit pending." It's a document you file in the property records to put potential buyers on notice of pending litigation relating to the property, generally with the intent to prevent sale. None of this is legal advice, and you shouldn't be looking for legal advice on the internet anyway. For the immediate but not necessarily forseeable future, you can find me in the usual places, if you look hard enough.