~~~Welcome to my page >:)~~~~

Guys I got access I don't know what happened, I basically just had to ssh without using the alias I had and then it let me connect, and then I could use the alias again!

My name is Eggy, my pronouns are he/they but any pronouns work for me too! I don't really know what to put here, maybe I will put my list here even though I have my own website with my list too, parity or what not

I am super interested in learning more about web development, because as it stands I know very little, please feel free to reach out with any advice or ideas you have!!!

I hope you have a great day :) Hopefully I will update this soon, and not forget about it o_O

You can also find me at prose.sh where I will probably have very similar posts, just smaller bite sized blog posts! I am also working on my actual website, which isn't up yet so don't go to it lol, but feel free to email me here! I think it is basically the same for the tilde club email too! I check that every so often. Would love to hear from you!!

My page is kind of dry so heres a picture, first rule:

always boss up

I am sorry if this way of centering is not good practice, I read online the center tag was deprecated so this is what I found, I don't know web design plz email me and teach me ._.

Look I know in theory I should have multiple pages, but thats so much effort and I am still learning the command line (teach me plz) so it would take a lot longer, but I refuse to like try to set up tilde club as like a gui drive! In any case I figured I will bless you with rule number two:

never forget ya homies, they always their 4u

Please give me ideas for what to add to this webpage, there are only so many rules I can add!

Man I am beginning to wonder if this site has any active users other than me lol, if you are seeing this plz email me!! If you are not on tilde club you should join and email me!! I will water your plants! Also I am beginning to think I should create a css style sheet. I know very little about css though so we will see. In any case no rule today, will resume tomorrow, or later today probably. Have a good one!

Alright fine here it is:

get outdoors

Here is the next rule, I am thinking some hbig changes will soon be coming to this site, that may or may not involve theme development who knows. That and some actual content, can promise actual content. take time 4 urself

Ah hello again, I have training that lasts 9-6 for two weeks, it is something, hopefully i will have more time in the near future, but for the time being, not that anyone reads this (email me if you do!), I have to put off the redesign :(

Here is the fifth rule!

a picture of a cat and a dog with the caption #5 keep ur promises

Sadly that is all for now :)

Hello everyone! training is now officially done! Sadly of course I am now in the beginning of the school year. One day I will find the time to redesign this. I haven't forgotten!! Not sure about a lot of things though. Chief among them, this is the second to last rule, I don't know what I will do after I am done with all the rules. Feel free to email me with ideas! I think I have said it before, but I do wonder if anyone still really uses this site. I know at least two people on botany do, we water each others plants, and I have talked to a few people on bbj but that is it. I assume most everyone keeps to themselves. We shall see :). In any case here is the penultimate rule:

a picture of a dog and a cat taking a selfie, with the text rule #6: no one gets left behind

Oh hello, it has been quite a while sadly. I have been so busy with school and work. I am starting a big project however and I think it will involve tilde.club!! I do need to get ssh access again though so if you have any fixes plz advise!!! I have sftp access and that is it. Hmm I think this is the last of the rules, I mean I know it is so I am unsure what will come next still. I would love to start a blog which is very much what this has been. I also want to start a collection of cool links! In any case I am on omg.lol now, I added my status a little while ago you can see it at the top of the page! I think it is very cool. I am trying to convince my friends to join or join tilde club but it is hard to get anyone to do anything so it goes. In any case I will update when I get ssh access back! For now, here is the final rule!

a picture of two cats with the text rule #7: love is always the answer

I love this rule, love really is the answer :), I love these rules, truly rules to live by :3 Cya around!

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