Refreshing GnuPG keys in the local keychain


Today I was trying to send an email to a friend of mine (one of the few friends I have who uses GnuPG) and realized that his key had expired.

He'd of course done his due diligence and published a new key to the keyservers, so it was just my local copy that was expired.

And what I wanted to do was simply to refresh the keys


meta todo

I am pondering whether to instead of having a dedicated tags-page, perhaps the tags should be presented on the front page. But then I'd like to format it a little, essentially putting the tags in a sidebar...

I am however not certain about how to actually make that work... on every other page, which uses the same stylesheet, I'd not have a list of tags, with links to where they appear. So on each non-frontpage page, the styling would then attempt to do something on elements not present.

While it would probably just silently fail, for it to make sense on the frontpage, I wager that I'd need to style the surrounding elements someway to allow the two elements to co-exist side by side.

My immediate thought was a CSS grid. But perhaps a flexbox model is the more forgiving / dynamic approach here...

Will have to ponder this some more.