Welcome to my little corner of the internet. This site exists as a place to dump musings and the odd snippet of code I've found useful.

I would include some disclaimer about ideas here being my expressly my own but that would be disingenuous. Many of the ideas you find here aren't even mine. This is the internet afterall.

I enjoy finding and playing with patterns. I am of the opinion that play remains an effective method of learning for both Children and Adults. There is something satisfying in taking an idea, playing with it for a while before putting it back in it's box. I get something from it each time.

There isn't much here yet, and I can guarentee updates will be sparse, but free to make use of or disregard what you do find here as you see fit.



A little about this page...

This page was inspired by both the john doe template and portable-php. It is amalgamated from individual .md source files compiled into a single page using php. I use neither cookies nor javascript.

Why role your own? I often think we produce things with features++ instead of fit-for-purpose-ness1. Wordpress no doubt has it's place but for what I need this works without the bloat.

The entire source for this website will be linked here and gifted once I've a chance to commit to git and upload.

A little about me...

By profession I'm a senior lecturer in Social Work at a local University. I left front line practice in November 2022 having spent the past fifteen years working in various contexts within Adult Social Care.

My father was one of the engineers responsible for the TMS34010, and I grew up in the 90's in a household of software engineers. Whilst I ultimately decided upon a career in "people" my passion for low level engineering developed at a young age. I am an amateur in the true sense; I play because I can.

Because "reasons", I discovered Linux in around 2008 and (almost) bricked my first mac whilst trying to install Debian later that year. Since then I've used nix exclusively and enjoy the freedom of having control over my system and avoiding "bloat-as-feature". Currently I run regolith-arch because I enjoy the pain associate with breaking things often.

In keeping with the theme of doing things the hard way despite having no reason to do so, I learned C and C++ and have written some pretty awful software just to understand how it all works. For example I wrote this tetris clone in C. I've also written a couple of emulators for fun, and am interested in emulation as a means of preserving games that run on legacy hardware.

I'm fond of ASCII / Tile games particularly Dwarf Fortress, CDDA and DCSS.

  1. Yes I realise this isn't a word. 


About the logs...

Welcome to my affordance sandbox. Here I leave ideas of interest that I have invested some time at play with. Consider it an eclectic collection of musings rather than a cohesives structured set of ideas per se.

The title of logs rather than blog or some other variation is deliberate. There are simple records of ideas that have been played with or manifest themselves in my brain over time.

I have no update schedule of any kind, this would imply knowledge of what I'm doing. I am simply recording things that are meaningful to me. Entries are organised by the date they were encountered and loosely grouped into themes.

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