~Carlo Ascani

I am a web developer currently located in Italy.
Drop an email at carlotm@pm.me or find me on libera.chat as carloratm.

Personal projects and code

Reanimact source code website

Reanimact is a browser game where you have to align 3 or more animals of the same color.

Vuestermind source code website

Vuestermind is a web browser implementation of the famous board game Master Mind.

Murder She Wrote - The Killers source code website

Murder She Wrote - The Killers is a website that spoils every episode’s killer.

Lazy Speaker Slides source code website

Lazy Speaker Slides lets you create web based presentations in seconds from Markdown.

Umbra source code website

Umbra is a multi box-shadow generator with load/save capability.

Codepen codepen.io/carlotm

My pens on Codepen.

The other stuff source code

You may also find interesting to look at my other GitHub projects.


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